•  Meaty McSkinBones

    • Side scroller platformer with unique twist. Contains 3 separate character that can be controlled by the player.
    • Developed in Unreal using C++.
    • Responsible for developing all aspects of the skin character including the character and mechanics including balloon and skin parachute.
    • Created several environmental objects such as an air vent to be used in levels with public facing controls, which can be changed by the level designers.
    • Worked together with other members in formulating and implementing gameplay interactions in Unreal.
    • Created custom UI elements such as buttons, canvas panels, and images to create game UI such as Main menu, level select map, and other pages. These custom UI elements can be reused by designers without changing or adding any other code or blueprints.
    • Designed a user-facing bug reporter in C++ and a front end in C#, WPF to analyze those bugs.
    • Releasing on Steam – Spring 2019.
  • Samurai Crusader

      • A twin stick melee hack and slash game developed primarily for Mobile.
      • Developed using Unreal Engine by a team of 9 members over a period of 3 months.
      • A key feature of the game is the weapon progression system, where the weapons gain XP instead of the player. The gained XP is used to unlock further weapon upgrades and new weapons.
      • Developed the weapon progression system along with the player combat and primary user interactions throughout the game.
      • Implemented the live weapon preview system in the weapon select menu, where the user is able to see the changes to a weapon on the character on selecting a weapon. This takes into account all the upgrades that weapon has and if it is a single or dual-wield weapon and other stats.
      • Implemented save system and VFX in game.

    The Samurai Crusader
    The Samurai Crusader
    Developer: Orochi Studios
    Price: Free
  • Transmission Of Sins
    • 3D Third Person narrative game, developed as a part of Global Game Jam – 2018 using Unreal with a team of 12.
    • Developed AI to be more responsive to the player’s actions.
    • This included moving around the map, participating in the narrative with the player and other NPC characters. • Developed the code in Blueprints and C++.
    • Also helped with modeling and animating characters and implementing those animations in Unreal using animation blueprints, state machines, and blend spaces.
  • Growth V2
    • A 3D third person puzzle solver game made in unreal by a team of 4.
    • Developed the gameplay, player controls which included assigning innovative keybindings which do not overwhelm the player.
    • Most of the code is developed in Blueprints along with C++.
    • Implemented a version of swing from spiderman games.
  • Castle Action

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    • A modern take on the classic Elevator Action game.
    • Developed in Phaser and Typescript in 2 weeks.