Making a prototype game.

As part of our final assignment, we have to develop a game using the engine system component that we have developed and also use a component that another student has developed. So, to make this game along with my component, I am planning on using the sound system component made by my friend Shantanu Pandey.

Game Description:

I am planning on making a simple car racing game, in which you will be racing against AI cars in a race track. You can use both controllers and keyboard to move the car. The game ends after 3 laps around the course. There will be only one map. There will not be any collisions for the first version of the game, but might add them later.

I am planning to have a background music in game along with sounds for acceleration and deceleration using the sound system. I am still integrating the system, but I haven’t had any problems until now.

I will be adding pictures and link to download as I develop this game.

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